if: spooky

I wanted to do a red riding hood but it turned out too scary, perfect for this week's theme. I did it in the same technique as the giant. And used a tiny puzzle for a "canvas."

Haven't posted in weeks because I was traveling, then moving.

T and I now live here:

Cute little house, isn't it? And just a few yards from the house where I grew up, where my mom lives and where I will have a studio... in my childhood room!

I left this green world when I was 14 and only lived in big cities for the next 12 years. I find the deep darkness of the nights (and the bird's songs and noises at dawn) quite surprising.

Still, it feels kind of like home.

8 comentarios:

ArtSparker dijo...

The illustration friday piece is just lovely.

As for your house...I think there may be fairies at the bottom of the garden.

dthaase dijo...

wonderful illo - I love the texture and its creativity - beautiful home

Tali dijo...

wow, cute house!!

dosankodebbie dijo...

What an interesting piece of artwork! Nice work.

Nancy Bea Miller dijo...

Extremely creepy! Well done.

the enigma dijo...

your work is very unique. i especially like the entry for 'breakfast'.

joynevada.com dijo...

She is so cute. Even though she is a bit spooky

Fine Little Day dijo...

The house looks very nice :)
Thanks for the tip about junkaholic.