I did the ink looking at a picture of my father, and not at the paper. This makes you draw stuff you wouldn't when you are checking. Then for the watercolor I looked, of course.

The picture's from when he lived in Tulúm and I visited him after the hurricanes and we´d spend days getting the sand out of the cabins and redressing palm trees and enjoying the sea life. I was obsessed with the Harry Potter books that year and because I couldn't stop reading when night came, I read a couple of the (fat) books with an oil lamp!

I do not know a place more beautiful than those beaches. Shame on the hotels that are destroying it.

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joanx dijo...

este me gusta mucho!, saludos

Anónimo dijo...

Wonderful on all fronts...the drawing is so free and the watercolor just enough to bring him to life. Brava!!!

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Marcus Mientus dijo...

fantastic sketch!