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Acrylics. Part of a color-series I've been working on for months. Each painting has a different color background and represents a different passage of a children's novel I've been working on too.

Colors have forever interested me as a theme. For a year I held a column in a magazine about them. And once I had a grant to write a novel where the cochinillla (the insect that produces red dye) was the main character. Sometimes I think my color book is something I will write when I'm 80 and in the first page I'll write: I have been preparing for this my whole life.

But in the meantime: I would love to know what do you think about this painting. 

And also,  if colors interest you too, I do recommend this amazing book.

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String dijo...

Great illustration. I love the style.

genie espinosa dijo...

me encanta!! nunca fuí muy buena con los acrílicos pero tú lo haces genial!! :-D
ME guardo tu blog para irte visitando!!! un abrazo!

laia dijo...

thanks string!

y yo el tuyo, genie!

Leen Christens dijo...

Hey Laia, I think for an children's book it looks very interesting. Children and there lively fantasy can see so much in this painting!

Thanks for your visit to my blog!!

Anónimo dijo...

me gusta muchisimo....MVG

amba dijo...

hermosa pintura :) me gusta muchísimo

at swim-two-birds dijo...

nice to meet you laia, love the illustration.
i'm a color addict too :-)

tubulidae dijo...

wow...... bellissima.... i love the characthers, their colours and their lovely eyes. ****

lirios bou dijo...

pues es plastilina de toda la vida, de esta que se incrusta en las uñas y huele a infancia... ^^

xcierto, tu técnica tambien me recuerda a la infancia, cuando pintabas con muchos colores y luego le dabas negro por encima para rascar con palillitos y que, "mágicamente", salieran los colores de abajo.

la verdad es que te quedó genial!

My Owl Barn dijo...

This is amazing! Love all the rainbow colors on the dark background!

nancy dijo...

oh oh oh, what's this?! These colours so filled with life and movement and...well, colour! I just love it! Fab! And thanks for the link to the colour-book - looks terribly inspirational! :)

Kylie dijo...

Yes I love colour it's like visual poetry. I really like your style, I like difference.

Analia Testone dijo...

me encanta Lai, es como una risa tuya!
Te qui ero y te extraño. Besos de Solci para vos!

R ¿qué? dijo...

Hola Laia, gracias por tu comentario. He estado viendo tu blog y es muy bueno. me ha encantado, realmente. he leído algo sobre la cochinilla. y te cuento que nosotros, con mi mujer estamos "criando" cochinillas. en palmas de opuntia. pues las usaremos para teñir lana para tejer con el telar. aparte teñimos con diferentes hierbas de nuestra zona.

urmila dijo...

Dear Lechugita,
I've noticed your profile through illustration friday and your kind comments on my blog.
I'm a final year design student in Bangalore, India and i wanted to request your help on my project. If you have the time could you please help me?
I'm looking for people to make an illustration for me on your interpretation of 'language and identity'. It can be a simple illustration depending on the time and enthusiasm you have for it.
I would be very very grateful for your help and i will obviously give you due credit for your work in any place i use it.
You can check out an example i made on http://consistentchatter.blogspot.com/2010/08/air-was-thick-with-words.html
It needn't be anything like this though. It is your own interpretation and style that i would need. It could even be an experience you have had resulting from conflict with language such as miscommunication.
If you are unable to help but know of someone else who might be interested please do pass the word!
I can be contacted at urmila.shastry@gmail.com
Thank you!
(sorry to have to put this on a random post! Didn't know how else to contact you!)

laia dijo...

thank you all for your words!

lirios: ya sé cuál dices, que cubrías la crayola con tinta china! me encantaba!

R: qué genial que estén criando grana! voy a escribirte para preguntarte más!

urmila, thank you for the invitation, I'll answer you by mail